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CMC is happy to announce that we have switched to our new enhanced Client Connect service. You can access it the same as in the past. Please call Mark Herder at 855-400-4449 or Jim Brick at 262-391-7674 with questions on how to use or any other directions.


  • Property Management

    Property Management

    Property Management We have an extensive list of property management clients for whom we provide: Expert management of both judgment…

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  • General/Retail


    General/Retail Collections CMC offers collection services for primary, secondary, tertiary, first party and NSF check accounts. We currently serve over…

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  • Municipal


    Municipal Collections We have been experts in municipal collections for over 15 years, serving 12 counties and dozens of cities,…

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  • Commercial


    Commercial Collections Credit Management Control, Inc.'s use of conventional collection services, combined with a customized receivables program, allows us to…

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  • Utilities


    Utilities Collections Credit Management Control has extensive experience in utilities collections and currently provides services for a national utility company…

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  • Healthcare


    Healthcare Collections Traditional bad debt recovery Credit Management Control’s extensive history in medical collections has allowed us to efficiently and…

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