Collection Accounts

Online account access for clients and consumers

Accounts can be accessed and searched by name or account number through our client web portal. Clients are assigned unique log-in names and passwords to access accounts and electronic reports and may list new accounts, post direct payments, view payment history, adjust account balances, send a message on an individual account and generate custom reports that can be exported to an Excel file and printed.

Debtors are also able to view their accounts securely through our debtor web link, User log-ins and passwords are assigned to debtors who may then view their accounts, make credit card or check payments, verify account balances and print receipts.

Skip Tracing

CMC’s multi-tiered skip tracing process allows us to efficiently and effectively locate debtors who have moved or changed numbers so we can reach them and arrange payment as quickly as possible.


CMC provides customized notices that are sent to debtors throughout the collection process. These notices include but are not limited to: a first validation letter, second and third notices as necessary, a broken promise letter and a thank you letter.

Calling campaigns

Our sophisticated predictive dialing system provides us with unlimited dialing capabilities. CMC understands the importance of avoiding consumer complaints, so all collectors are extensively trained on appropriate calling techniques and both inbound and outbound calls are recorded to ensure compliance with all federal and state regulations. Because the collection industry can’t call on cell phone numbers the same way it does landlines (automated dialing systems that place phone calls without human intervention are not allowed to contact cell phone numbers without express prior consent), our dialers have a cell phone scrub functions that filter out cell numbers from the automatic dialing system so they can be dialed manually.

Bilingual collectors

CMC employs bilingual collectors to work with our clients’ Spanish speaking customers.

Asset searches

CMC provides asset searches in order to determine if an account is eligible for a suit. Once all voluntary payment options have been exhausted and an account appears to still be collectible (based on income, assets, etc.), a legal authorization request is sent to the client. Further action will not be taken without express consent from our client.

Credit bureau reporting

CMC has established interfaces with TransUnion, Equifax and Experian to forward client approved delinquent debt accounts for credit bureau reporting. Accounts can be reported as early as 30 days after listing or at another interval requested by the client.

Second placements

CMC has a proven track record of effectively recovering older accounts that have been inactive. We reactivate all aged accounts and work them as new placements by sending out a new notice to each debtor, skip tracing and redialing all accounts, re-evaluating accounts for small claims, executing follow-up techniques and using effective talk-offs to secure payments.

NSF Checks

CMC provides collection services for accounts stemming from checks returned for “non sufficient funds.” We will image returned checks to our system, send out a letter to the consumer with a copy of the imaged check, report the check (and its subsequent payment) to a negative check reporting data base such as Certegy Check Services, skip trace for correct contact information and call on the account until a payment plan is established.

Charity Care Identification for Healthcare Clients

According to healthcare industry experts, up to 31 percent of patient revenue written off as bad debt should be classified as benefit/charity care.  Through LexisNexis Community Benefit Assessment, CMC is able to access select public record information such as neighborhood demographics, family size, home ownership and other factors that are used to evaluate accounts who may qualify hospitals for tax benefits. By providing the data and technology hospitals need to efficiently manage their benefit care process, CMC allows them to remain focused on what is their most important service, patient care.

Litigation service

If all voluntary payments have been exhausted and an asset search has determined a debtor’s ability to pay, CMC will pursue legal action on behalf of our client only after express consent from our client is received. Our nationwide network of attorneys allows us to pursue out-of-state debtors, increasing our ability to recover more for our clients. Should a client choose to pursue a suit, all up-front legal fees are paid for by CMC.


Our reports provide our staff and clients with the data necessary to monitor collection activity and can be accessed through online (link to reports). Clients may simply log into this version of our collection software without any complicated computer reconfiguration or alternative connections. Reports can be viewed, converted into an Excel format and printed at our clients’ convenience.