Consumer FAQs


Credit Management Control is committed to treating our clients’ customers with respect and understanding. We employ bilingual collectors, record calls to ensure compliance with regulations on the part of our collectors and train our collection staff to take a “here’s what I can do for you” approach to collections, offering consumers solutions that will help them fulfill their financial obligations to our clients.

How do I pay my debt?

You may call us at 866-844-2358.

Mail your payment to: Credit Management Control, Inc, PO Box 1654, Green Bay, WI 54305

Or pay online with your username and password.  If you do not have your login credentials, call us and we will be happy to provide that to you.

What do I do if I believe I was contacted in error or have a question about my account?

You may speak to one of our customer service representatives by calling our toll-free number: 866-844-2358. Our office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8 am - 7 pm and Thursday, Friday 8 am - 5 pm CST.

How do I dispute a debt?

If you feel you were contacted in error or wish to dispute your debt, please send us your dispute in writing to:
Credit Management Control
P.O. Box 1654
Green Bay, WI 54305

OR you may email your dispute to:

What are my rights and responsibilities as a debtor?

Visit the State of Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions or Ask Dr. Debt for more information regarding your rights and responsibilities.

Will Bankruptcy Wipe Out All My Debts?

Yes, with some exceptions. Bankruptcy will not normally wipe out:

(1) money owed for child support or alimony, fines, and some taxes;

(2) debts not listed on your bankruptcy petition;

(3) loans you got by knowingly giving false information to a creditor, who reasonably relied on it in making you the loan;

(4) debts resulting from “willful and malicious” harm;

(5) student loans owed to a school or government body unless the court decides that payment would be an undue hardship;

(6) mortgages and other liens which are not paid in the bankruptcy case (but bankruptcy will wipe out your obligation to pay any additional money if the property is sold by the creditor). (see Wisconsin Non-Dischargeable Debts)

(7) restitution owed

(8) Guardian ad Litem

Visit Wisconsin Bankruptcy Law for more information.

How do I request to have communications stopped?

Visit the State of Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions for information on requesting that we or other collections agencies cease communication.