Early-Out/Self-pay/EBO program

When we establish an Early-Out/Extended Business Office project, we mirror all the policies and procedures of our clients and then try to improve on them as we progress. Based on priorities of clients, we adapt to what the client needs. Typical EBO services for our clients include the following steps:

  1. All debtor self-pay files are uploaded immediately upon placement into our software program, allowing CMC to manage accounts without requiring access to our client’s software system.
  2. A notice is sent informing each debtor that CMC will be processing payments on behalf of our client and that CMC will be establishing and monitoring all payment plans.
  3. CMC creates a specific phone number that will identify debtors who call in as that client’s debtors. These calls will be answered as our client, with CMC’s collection staff acting as their representatives.
  4. If payment arrangements are indicated, initial calls to confirm payment arrangements are made to debtors.
  5. Accounts that do not have payment arrangements made prior to placement are called in order for arrangements to be established with an emphasis placed on establishing automatic recurring payments.
  6. CMC performs manual skip tracing to locate debtors whose accounts have incomplete or inaccurate information.
  7. When a promise to pay is broken by a debtor, CMC makes follow up calls.
  8. If contact is not made after two attempts, a broken promise notice is sent.
  9. After 60 days of non-payment and a minimum of six phone calls have been made and at least one broken promise notice has been sent, accounts are sent to collections.
  10. Thank you letters on all payments received are sent to each debtor along with a return envelope for the next payment.
  11. All payment logs are reviewed daily and accounts adjusted accordingly.