Healthcare Collections

Traditional bad debt recovery
Credit Management Control’s extensive history in medical collections has allowed us to efficiently and effectively recover accounts for our clients in the healthcare industry at rates much higher than industry average.  We focus on excellent customer service to meet the needs of each client.  Strict adherence to all FDCPA and HIPAA requirements is one of the foundations of our extensive collector training program.  We offer:

  • Customized collection letters
  • Manual and electronic skip tracing to keep your accounts continually active
  • Secure, electronic placement of accounts
  • User friendly website for client access and debtor payments
  • Web server to list and manage accounts and generate reports
  • Reporting to all major credit bureaus
  • National network of attorneys
  • Call recording of phone conversations

Second placements
We make working your secondary accounts our first priority; something your primary agency may not be doing.  Review your agency’s collection activity over the last 60 days and you will likely find that accounts over 12-18 months old are no longer being called or skip traced and letters are no longer being sent.  Transfer your accounts to CMC from your primary agency and we will:

  • Open each account with a new debtor letter
  • Redial every account
  • Skip trace all accounts
  • Provide the follow up and account management that grows collections
  • Secure payments through effective talk-offs

EBO self-pay follow-up
Credit Management Control can be your outsourcing partner on day one with self-pay accounts.  We understand the compassion the healthcare market requires in order to meet the needs of your patients who are trying to pay their obligations.  In addition to recovering your self-pay dollars early in the revenue cycle through a combination of statements and phone calls designed to meet your needs, we also:

  • Serve as your customer service department, handling billing account questions your patients need addressed
  • Handle disputes
  • Identify additional insurance and refill claims
  • Process charity applications
  • Offer loan program options

Delinquent insurance and worker’s comp follow-up
CMC can work your time-consuming denials and delinquent insurance payers.  Our collection mentality of overcoming objections is the type of follow-up that is needed on difficult third party accounts.  We abide by your payer contracts and we make sure the payers also keep up their end of the contract.  Why use CMC for this service? We will:

  • Improve your insurance net collection rate
  • Decrease A/R
  • Improve the overall denial management process
  • Develop an improved work flow process, creating policies and procedures, improving efficiencies and standardization of claim follow-up
  • Free up your staff to work new priority accounts rather than delinquent ones

Charity care processing and presumptive eligibility scoring
As a provider who gives financial assistance to patients who can’t afford care, is too much of your time being spent with the charity process in order to determine who gets free or discounted care?  CMC can handle the application process and follow your process to get the information you need in order to determine if an account is “charity worthy.”

Another option being utilized by many health care providers is use of presumptive eligibility scoring to determine which patients qualify for charity.  CMC utilizes a sophisticated scoring system to determine who is and isn’t likely to pay.

Staff training
CMC can be flexible in working with clients to support staff training.  We have experienced staff members who can provide customer service and collection training as well as value-added in-service training on a variety of topics.

Revenue cycle consulting
We assist our healthcare clients in improving revenue cycle processes, reducing bad debt, improving efficiency, eliminating unnecessary denials, and improving cash flow by customizing a consulting program that works best for them.

As an established client, you will have access to our experienced consultant, who will analyze your process workflow, monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI), review your policies and staffing structure, introduce effective A/R tools and provide training that will allow your staff to maximize work efficiency and recovery rates.  Credit Management Control’s consulting program can focus on either the front or back end of the revenue cycle, billing preparation and submission and the charge capture process.

For more information about our healthcare collection services, contact Mark Herder.

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