• Property Management

    Property Management

    Property Management We have an extensive list of property management clients for whom we provide: Expert management of both judgment…

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  • General/Retail


    General/Retail Collections CMC offers collection services for primary, secondary, tertiary, first party and NSF check accounts. We currently serve over…

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  • Municipal


    Municipal Collections We have been experts in municipal collections for over 15 years, serving 12 counties and dozens of cities,…

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  • Commercial


    Commercial Collections Credit Management Control, Inc.'s use of conventional collection services, combined with a customized receivables program, allows us to…

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  • Utilities


    Utilities Collections Credit Management Control has extensive experience in utilities collections and currently provides services for a national utility company…

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  • Healthcare


    Healthcare Collections Traditional bad debt recovery Credit Management Control’s extensive history in medical collections has allowed us to efficiently and…

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